maleHudson Soft is one of the best developers of social networks for gamers. Our social networks are designed for the beginner through to the expert. So even if you have never used a social network for gaming before, you will find it super easy to start.

When you create an account, our site is designed to “walk” you through the steps needed to get up and to run. In no time you will be interacting with other gamers. You can select the games you want to play, and also import directly from the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, and Steam. You can also import data from Facebook. Gamers have their walls and activity feed, but one of the defining features of our social networks is the community category for each game.  This is where most of the activities take place. You can join any community you choose and start interacting immediately.

Our social networks are also designed to allow you to add games to your profile manually, and taps into the various feeds for these games. Another neat feature on all our social networks for gamers is the “comment” feature. These observations or “posts” floats to the top of each profile page so other players can see the posts and “comment” back. This creates a lively “buzz.”

Our social network interface is all the rage. The Hudson Soft social network interface is aesthetically pleasing and navigable. Our social networks all have the look of Facebook to allow our games the familiarity of a popular social network, except they are specifically developed for gamers with gaming features.

On the front page, updates of posts, winnings, achievements, community competitions, etc. are all featured in colorful boxes that are not only eye-catching but are color-coded according to relevance. This you would have set up in your preferences when you first signed up. You can post comments on these community feeds and even “like” or “dislike” them.

You can also “follow” other gamers and “like” or “hate” comments, posts, games, pictures, etc. In addition to developing games, you can support a whole community. This is socially cool since each community is linked to a mariogame. When you develop a community, you are always kept abreast of what’s happening with that game. You can also post updates to the community in the form of videos, streams, images, or simple texts.

There is also a Second Life component of our social networks where you can earn currency and spend them on premium games. You gain money when you conquer something or complete a mission. For instance, most people never achieve their profile page. If you complete your profile page, you receive money. You can then trade this currency for a game or whatever else is sold in the online store.