assasins-creed-2-iconWe are social creatures. It’s why social media has taken off like wildfire. We are hard-wired to interact socially with each other and share our individual stories. Ergo, the birth of social networking.

But a social network for gamers, you ask? Yes! Don’t believe the myth that gamers are antisocial and spend their days—and nights, in front of a computer. Far from it. It is for the very fact they are social creatures that they became gamers. Get it?

Hudson Soft understands gamers. That’s why we develop social networks geared specifically for them.

Our social networks collect information and merge it around everything video games to bring you the ultimate social experience. Our systems are designed to allow personalization via profile pages, photo uploads, etc. Our systems also enable the creation and management of groups, and the creation and use of game pages, where you can share your experiences, videos, and even video scores.

Your passion drives us. Be a part of the Hudson Soft family. Define your Hudson Soft DNA!