The Season for Gaming Social Networks

gaming_logo_250pxThere’s a myth that says gamers are antisocial. You’ve heard the stories about computer geeks who sit in front of their computers day and night who live off pizza ordered from pizza hut. What about the one about the guy who died from hunger because he was so obsessed with a video game he was playing he forgot to eat. That is, of course, the exception.

The truth is, gamers are no more antisocial than the rest of us. In fact, it could be argued that they are less antisocial, after all, they are the ones who design these very “social” games we love to play. And if you wish to see how social gamers can get, just join a social network for gamers, and you will have your proof.

Gaming social networks have become the rage as each one tries to outdo the other. Games like Playfire, Raptr, and Dexter have taken social networking to a new level. These gaming social networks can do all that Facebook and LinkedIn can do, and then some.

You can add games from your Xbox, from the PlayStation network, and even from Steam. You can “upvote” and “downvote” communities to sow our like or dislike for a game. You can play with multiple teams or one-on-one. The season for gaming social network is now.

The downside to every gaming social network, of course (and there has to be one), is the fact that if there are no players, then the site is “dead.” Who wants to be a part of a “dead” playstation-networkor inactive gaming social network? Can you say GooglePlus? Who remember what GooglePlus was like when it first started? It felt empty, didn’t it? To be useful,
these gaming social networks need a certain level of activity to survive.


Not everyone enjoys being on a social network. However, if you love social networking, i.e. Interacting with online communities, then you should try joining a gaming social network. It’s time for one of this social network for gamers make a real splash, don’t you think?